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Youth Mental Health & Importance of Social Connection- Clare FM Talk 06.03.23

On Monday's Morning Focus, Alan was joined by Grace Harrison, Psychotherapist and Counsellor in Ennis, along with Margaret McMahon of Samaritans Ennis. The duo responded to a recent report, Mental Health State of the World Report 2022, revealing that Ireland has one of the lowest mental health rates worldwide. Grace highlighted the fact that Ireland being a developed country does not have any implications in the study along with describing the alarming number of young people age 18-24 who are struggling with mental issues in comparison to previous generations.

Grace discussed the impact of the internet, and the shift in cultural values towards performance orientation and material success, on parenting trends and young people's social self-esteem. She spoke about the importance of social connectedness for young people as a buffer against mental health difficulties. She also mentioned the increased demand for therapy since the pandemic and the lack of support services available.

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