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Foggy Forest
My Approach

As an integrative psychotherapist, I tailor my approach to support your individual needs. My approach is largely informed by a blend of person-centred therapy, psychodynamic therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), transactional analysis and systemic therapy.

I believe that when we experience unconditional love, a felt understanding of our personal experience in the world, and genuineness from another person, we move closer to ourselves. We become curious about our inner experience; we notice emotions, thoughts, physical sensations that we may have shut-down or avoided; we want to allow our pain to come forth and to be healed. We begin to listen to our deepest desires and we build courage to experiment in our lives and to take healthy risks. We come to trust ourselves and honour who we are. We dare to express ourselves and we notice that our external relationships bring greater fulfilment. I believe that through embracing ourselves we become empowered and life feels more manageable and satisfying.

The core principle of my approach is to support you on this journey towards embracing and empowering yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in an initial consultation?​

In an initial consultation we will discuss some of the issues that have brought you to therapy and how therapy may benefit you. If I feel that another form of psychological support may be more suitable to your needs, I will suggest alternative options for you and help you to arrange a consultation with them.

What is the fee per therapy session?

The fee is €70 per individual therapy session (50 minutes), €80 per adolescent therapy session (60 minutes), and €80 per couples therapy session (60 minutes).


How often do I need to attend?

Sessions are offered on a weekly basis. When therapy is coming towards an end, we may agree to meet on a fortnightly basis to gradually end the therapy process. When therapy ends, a follow-up appointment in a month or more can also be offered where desired. Clients are always very welcome to return to therapy at any point in the future should they wish to.

How long does therapy last?

The length of therapy depends on each individual’s needs. I offer both short-term and long-term therapy as sought. I generally suggest 6 sessions to begin followed by a review of the therapeutic work and the client can decide if they wish to continue.

What is your cancellation policy?

I operate a 48 hours cancellation policy. If you cancel your appointment within 48 hours it will be unlikely that I will be able to fill your appointment with another client at short notice so you will be responsible for payment of the full session fee. If I am able to accommodate an alternative appointment time for you to occur in the same working week, I will be happy to waive the cancellation charge.

Will my healthcare insurance cover therapy sessions?


I am an approved Laya healthcare psychotherapist. If you are under the following schemes you can avail of 12 sessions with 90% of the cost covered by Laya: Excel Care, 360 Care or 360 Care Select. If you are not on those particular Laya plans or if your policy is with another health insurance provider, I recommend contacting your insurance provider prior to making an appointment to check if you are covered. My Approved Laya Healthcare Counsellor/Therapist I.D. is: 11513.

Star of Bethlehem
My Approach

Confidentiality is an important aspect of the therapy relationship which creates an environment of safety and trust between client and therapist. In line with therapists’ legal and ethical obligations there are a few instances in which I would be required to breach confidentiality, as follows:


1. If you are at risk of harming yourself or somebody else.

2. If I have concerns or grounds to believe that a child is currently at risk of emotional, physical or sexual abuse and/or neglect, in line with the Children’s First Act 2015.


The limits of confidentiality will be discussed at the first session where any concerns the client has can be addressed.

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